Financial Management Tool

Budget Changes

General Ledger Chart of Accounts

  • Chart of Accounts Maintenance Form: Complete and submit a Chart of Accounts Maintenance Form to the Director of Financial Reporting and Analysis to request changes to the GW Chart of Accounts.

Enterprise Accounting System (EAS)


  • Glossary (PDF)
  • For assistance in determining the correct PCLS when requesting the creation of a new position, please contact Compensation, or the Budget Office at [email protected].
  • NZRPOSN (PDF) Report
  • NBAJOBS and NBIPINC Queries (PDF)
  • Quick Reference (PDF)

Capital Projects

  • Capital GuidelinGuiCapital Project Guidelines (PDF)

Fringe Benefits    

  • Fringe Benefit Rates Overview
  • Rates (PDF) for Non-Research positions

Supplemental Compensation

  • Supplemental Compensation Form (PDF)